Jean Paulo Lasmar

Jean Paulo Lasmar

Filmmaker. Feel maker. Storyteller.

Jean Paulo Lasmar comes to Advertising through Cinema with a focus on emotional storytelling and carefully crafted aesthetics. His films deliver powerful stories of hope on important and urgent topics such as prematurity (Gabriel), rare skin diseases (The Unwearable Collection), and blindness & visual impairment (Eyedar). His work has won numerous accolades at the Clio Awards, One Show, Creative Floor, Telly Awards, and Cannes Lions.

In entertainment, JP has collaborated with Edson Oda on Nine Days (Sony Pictures Classics), Reid Carolin & Channing Tatum on Dog (United Artists), Dito Montiel on Man Down (Lionsgate), and Martin Scorsese on Silence (Paramount). He also produced Vida Sobre Rodas (BVI/Disney) and Looking at the Stars (Elo Company).

JP currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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