Behind the Scenes


I was approached by Naked Communications, Sydney to treat on two spots for Taubmans Paint. First off the rank is ‘Endure’ a surreal journey into the stain repelling properties of this super resilient paint. Bright colours, graphic art-direction and flying objects shot at high-speed, meet beautiful CG photo-real transitions.

I had great fun imagining what each substance would transform into. Careful pre-visualisation and close collaboration with the post and live-action teams allowed me to follow my concepts precisely through from shoot to 3D and post. I loved working with Jon Burden at Naked and the Taubmans client who only ever encouraged us to up the fun.


Director: Simon Robson

Producer: Michelle Parker

Head of VXF: Jamie Watson

VFX Producer: Bonnie Law

Additional Production: Georgie Selby, Adrianna Spanos

Lead 3D: Tom Corbett

CG Team: Max McMullin, Marco Chau, Dusan Marjanovic

Lead Compositor: Maxence Peillon

Additional Compositing: Chris Jackson, Tim Preston

Editor: Joe Morris

DOP: Simon Higgins

Other Work

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